Saturday, May 3, 2014

this blog is moving!

From now on, I'll be blogging from my photography website. You can check it out and comment and whatnot here. I'll be putting a Weekly Stills post up for tomorrow - hope to see you there!

Naomi xx

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ash and rob | april 2014

Ash was a student of mine. I taught her when she was in Year 10 and it was my first year of teaching. I can't tell you how hard that year was. I struggled. And survived. And was happy with that. It was enough. Then, I left for another school and she graduated from high school. She sent me an email thanking me for what is often described as (and in reality, often is) a thankless job. I've never forgotten that.

About a week ago, she married her partner of nine years, Rob in her parent's garden in her hometown. It was the loveliest celebration of these two creative kids; relaxed, fun, no pressure. Twinkling fairy lights, cold drinks, warm pizza - a bonfire and laughter lighting up and echoing through the neighbourhood.

Thanks Ash (for that email when I was a novice teacher and the FB message asking if I'd help photograph your wedding) and Rob - it was wonderful sharing in your special day. Congratulations! xx

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